When you shop at, we follow the Danish Sales Act. According to the legislation, you always have a 2-year right to complain about your purchases. It is important that you do not confuse warranty with right of complaint, as we do not offer a warranty on any products. When you complain about a product within 6 months of a purchase, it is us as a company who has the burden of proof as to whether it is a manufacturing defect. During the last 6-24 months, you as the consumer have the burden of proof, and you must therefore be sure that there is no mishandling etc. of your product on your part.

• When you discover an error or defect in your product, you must complain about it within a reasonable time. Reasonable time is understood to mean that this must happen within 2 months from when you discover the error. This also means that we must receive the goods within the 2 months.

• After you have discovered an error, damage or similar to a product, please contact us as soon as possible. Please send an email to in which you write your order number. and attach clear pictures of the damage or defect.

• Once we have assessed the photos sent, we will ask you to send your item back to us, where we will assess the fault/damage further. We will of course send you a return label which you can use when you have to send the item back to us. (Please note that you are welcome to wash the item before sending it back if it has been used)

• When we have received your item, it will be assessed by professionals who can determine whether it is a manufacturing defect. In the event that your complaint is justified and it is not just general wear and tear, we will repair the damage or fault at a tailor's. In the event that we cannot offer this, we will offer you a new item.

• NOTE: We cannot offer you the same electricity. Eq. item, the amount can be refunded. Please note, however, that we deduct the shipping costs when using our return label.

What is wear and tear:

Please note that wear and tear can be seen when the traces of use on the item are clear. Eg. that the elastic in the material has softened, that the fibers have been pulled apart in exposed places (e.g. the crotch where the fabric is pulled apart) or that the item has been heavily pre-washed, and has lost color, has become frayed or similar from washing or fabric softener . In addition, seams that have clearly been pulled apart and not simply undone by mistake are also not a complaint.

It may also be that the size has not been 100% correct, or that the product has been exposed to more physical stress than you as a consumer can expect it to withstand.