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Shapeit Collection - Tops and Sports Bras

Welcome to Shapeit's exclusive collection of tops and sports bras , where style meets functionality. Our range is designed to meet your needs, whether you're on your way to training, relaxing at home or a night out. Every top and sports bra in our collection is created with care and attention to detail, so you always feel comfortable and look great.

Training tops and Sports Bras

Our training tops and sports bras are designed to keep you dry and comfortable during any training session. Made from breathable and sweat-wicking materials, our products ensure that you can perform at your best, regardless of the intensity of your training.

  • Tank tops : Perfect for high-intensity training and hot days. Our tank tops give you full freedom of movement and are designed with a stylish and sporty look.
  • Long Sleeved Tops : Ideal for cooler days or as an extra layer when warming up. Our long-sleeved tops are made from lightweight and stretchy materials that ensure you stay warm without compromising on comfort.
  • Seamless Tops : With a seamless design, our seamless tops offer maximum comfort without chafing points. These tops are perfect for yoga, pilates and other forms of exercise where freedom of movement and comfort are paramount.
  • Sports Bras : Our sports bras combine style and functionality with maximum comfort and support. They are ideal for all types of training and come in a range of designs, from seamless to those with adjustable straps and different intensity of support, so you can find the perfect bra for your training.

Everyday and Fashion tops

Shapeit also offers a wide range of tops that are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. These tops combine style and comfort so you can always feel comfortable and look chic.

  • Casual Tops : From soft t-shirts to casual blouses, our casual tops are perfect for a casual day out or at home. They are made from high quality materials that feel comfortable against the skin and have modern cuts to suit any style.
  • Materials and Quality

    At Shapeit, we never compromise on quality. Our tops and sports bras are made from materials that are not only durable but also feel great against the skin. We use advanced technology and innovative materials to ensure that our products meet the highest standards in both functionality and style.

    Perfect Fit

    We know how important it is to have clothes that fit perfectly. That's why we offer tops and sports bras in a wide range of sizes and fits so you can find the one that best suits your body type and personal style. Our design team is constantly working to develop new cuts and silhouettes that highlight your best sides.

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